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For those of you still following my very sporadic journal entries, here's the update I've been meaning to make for some time now:

I am finally - finally - leaving Italy. My husband has been relocated to the United Kingdom as of Saturday. So, I will either be there or in the US. Do you sense a story coming on?

And here we go: )

Now, allow me to abridge that teal deer for everyone:

- My residency permit and my tourist visa expired.

- I went to the UK as a tourist so I could return to Italy and renew my tourist visa so I could successfully apply for a resident visa to the UK.

- The UK wanted no part in my loophole-raping shenanigans and turned me around at Customs.

- They also called the Polizia di Stato on me.

- Who took me to Customs and gave me the tourist visa.

...I don't know whether to feel proud or dismayed that I managed to accidentally succeed at this.

Also, I feel my icon is so ridiculously appropriate.
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This new community has very strict rules about recycling. Organics, Plastics, Cardboard, Glass, Metal, and "Indifferent", which is "other crap".

The plastics can't be everything made of plastic; it has to be things like bottles. Hard plastics. All other plastics go in the "Other" bin. The cardboard pick-up is called "Carta", which means paper, but it can only be cardboard boxes. The organics have to be food stuffs, and you can't put them in a bag unless it's biodegradable. Metal, Glass, and Plastic gets picked up together every other Thursday.

You can't use trash bags. It all has to be set out in a bin, with the exception of the organic biodegradable bags. The plastics can't go in a plastic bag.

See how complicated this is getting?

So anyway, I set out my very first trash bucket for the organic refuse on the first pick-up this week...and dogs got to it. I was disheartened.

Last night, I tried again. This morning, I ran outside like a little kid looking to see if Santa came, and the organics had, indeed, been picked up! I have never felt so ridiculously proud of my ability to function in an Italian society. I RECYCLED. I PUT IT OUT BY THE CURB. THEY TOOK IT AWAY. VICTORY.

Now, to figure out if cat litter is organic or "other".


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