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Witchlands PSL

Thus far what I have is:

The Witchlands are a collection of southern countries where witchcraft is openly in use. The countries are thought to be barbaric by the northern Janusveldt, but are truthfully very civilized, with thriving cultures and societies.

Janusveldt is one of six semi-independent countries to the northeast. Until recently Janusveldt was at war with several cities in the Witchlands, as well as one of its own neighbors. When Alaric IV died, his son Endrik II took the throne and has been attempting to clean up the mess.

Part of this cleanup involved engaging in peace treaties with the province known as the Red Moors, and the neighboring country of Bastrem. While the matriarchal council of the Red Moors was content to marry two of their children to anyone within the aristocracy of Janusveldt, Heranna, the queen of Bastrem, is awaiting an heir to the Janusveldt throne. If she can marry one of her children to the throne, she can claim rulership over both Janusveldt and Bastrem.

Endrik is not married. This is a problem.

Cassia and her cousin were selected / voluntold to enter into these politically strategic marriages. Dephis was promised to a cousin of Endrik and now stands fifth in line to assume the Janusveldt throne. She has been confined to the Southwinds Castle with her new husband, "for her protection". Cassia has not seen her since the wedding and doesn't know whether she's even still alive.

Conversely, Cassia was married to Medeus, a new and relatively impoverished member of the aristocracy. She was allowed to select from a group of men who were considered "disposable" because of their comparatively low political status. She selected him because he was the only one who seemed openly scornful of the situation: thus, he seemed like someone she could use for her own purposes.

Vetrim, meanwhile, was captured by slavers at the massive belt of desert that stretched between the northern countries and the Witchlands. When she was brought to the market to be sold, Cassia recognized her as the daughter of [someone she knew] and purchased her - again because Vetrim could be useful for her purposes.


Cassia of the Red Moors PB
- Revolutionary, machiavellian, hardened
Choice: To use diplomatic methods to bring peace and freedom between the Witchlands and Endrik's provinces, or to start another war.
- Wife of Medeus via politically arranged marriage.
- Purchases Vetrim and [ ] because of a (possibly misguided) belief that she can stop the trade of slaves from the Witchlands.
- Magic: Glamours, fire manipulation

Medeus PB
- Choice: Played depending on 1. whether the marriage becomes a ship and then 2. Endrik's persona. Medeus must side with Cassia if the marriage turns shippy. Thus: If Endrik allows the kingdom to fall to ruin, Medeus should want a good king who brings peace and prosperity. If Endrik acts for "the greater good", Medeus should be a revolutionary who sides with Cassia. If Endrik is a good king, Medeus should think he isn't acting swiftly enough / is spineless.
- Husband of Cassia via arranged marriage.
- Blacksmith-turned-soldier during the Witchlands wars, given a title because of his service. He doesn't think much of it.

Endrik II, King of Janusveldt PB
- Politic, smart, attempting to restore a country his father nearly destroyed by warring with the Witchlands. Anti-magic.
- Choice: Becoming a good king who makes difficult decisions, becoming a king who acts solely for the benefit of his own people and the greater good, or allowing the kingdom to fall to ruin.
- The king acts as a sort of head of council, being the ultimate authority over a conglomerate of heads of state. Janusveldt is one of six countries in the north, and one of three that still engages in slavery.

Sigmund PB
- The reason Endrik hasn't married and produced an heir.
- Choice: Loyal to Endrik OR placing himself in a position to manipulate the king for his own gain OR spying for Cassia et al.

Delphis of the Red Moors Suggested PB
- Choice: Do her duty to her people and remain married to [ ], or engage with the various rebel groups in action to bring about change.
- Magic: Rope / knot magic. It's more involved and useful than it sounds.

Vetrim Suggested PB
- Clever, educated, proud, tenacious.
- Choice: Joining Cassia, which would mean betraying her people for a greater good, or striking off on her own and making her choices from that position.
- Abducted from the Witchlands, purchased by Cassia.
- Magic: Air manipulation.


Heranna the Elder, Queen of Bastrem PB
- Mother of Heranna the Younger and Lovik, one of whom she hopes to marry off to Endrik's firstborn.
- Enjoying her position atop a stable realm.
- Strong monarch. Still married to her husband, King Consort Manfred.

Liir PB
- An ally from the Witchlands (Emri's Rest)
- Spy for Cassia
- Magic: Color manipulation.

Mathis PB
- An ally from the Witchlands (Red Moors)
- Magic: Earth manipulation.

Magnar PB
- Medeus' cousin. Medeus saves his life in the battle for which he was given a title.
- Passed over for a title, himself.
- Salty about that.
- Choice: Magnar sides with Endrik, or he sides with Medeus.

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