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Cast List

Cast List
Canon Characters

Dr. Richard Strand
The Black Tapes (Podcast)

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Walther Davies
October Daye Series

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Dodger Allen

[personal profile] theartful

Audrey Jensen
Scream TV Series

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Original Characters

Abigail Fowler
Renfield Syndrome Universe

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Jane Bell
Lazarean Universe

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Urban Fantasy

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Chthonic Gods PSL

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Kate Middleton
(No, not that one.)

Shitty Superpowers

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Biff | Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff | [personal profile] blesseddumbfuck
Blackwall | Dragon Age: Inquisition | [personal profile] cognomen
Ian Malcolm | Jurassic Park | [personal profile] beyondparadigm
Jafar | Once Upon a Time in Wonderland | [personal profile] scarabs
Milo | Original Character | [personal profile] avianesque
Sadira | Aladdin | [personal profile] dunequixote, [personal profile] sandswitch
Sarah Harding | The Lost World | [personal profile] ethology
Severus Snape | Harry Potter | [personal profile] brewglory