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Evie ([personal profile] redrover) wrote2016-03-28 06:32 pm


At night, when the only sounds outside are distant cars on the highway, my cat likes to curl up on my roommate's bed and sleep. During the day, though, she likes to sit between the venetian blinds and the window so she can watch the birds outside. Crows, mostly, but sometimes sparrows. They hang out in the eaves near my apartment, singing late in the mornings.

Sometimes, I'll hear her making little chirping noises, like she's trying to talk to them. It's pretty cute, even when you consider she's a cat and would like nothing more than to hunt those birds.

Eventually, I started hearing a tapping coming from the other side of the glass. I figured she had managed to capture the attention of the crows out there, and they were teasing her by pecking at the glass. I never saw it happen, of course; any time I would peek through the blinds to catch her playmate in action, I'd find it had vanished.

Around two last night, my cat's chirps woke me up. I thought it was a little weird, since I didn't hear any birdsong. I got up to shoo her away from the window, and that's right about when I heard something tapping on the other side of the glass.