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Found Footage Movies

A running tab of found footage movies I've seen or want to see, along with brief reviews. This isn't a complete list of all the FF movies I've seen by any stretch; it's only the ones I can remember off the top of my head, and, of those, the ones I've watched to completion.

Also, my judgement is terrible. I love bad horror movies.

Regarding warnings: I warn specifically for animal death, body horror, nudity, and graphic violence. I don't watch movies with rape scenes, so it can be assumed that none in the list contain them. It can also be assumed that since the majority of the movies are horror, they'll contain jump scares, gore, and triggers specific to the genre and tropes listed in the descriptions. I don't watch a lot of torture porn (Saw, Hostel, etc), so it can be assumed none of these contain it unless I specifically mention it.

If you have a question about the content in any movie on the list, let me know.

Also, please enjoy the Found Footage Drinking Game.

My Top Recommendations

A Girl Like Her (Drama)
The Blair Witch Project (Horror)
Evidence (Horror)
The Taking of Deborah Logan (Horror)
Trollhunter (Adventure)
Vampires (Comedy / Horror)
What We Do in the Shadows (Comedy)


666: The Devil's Child

Not really sure what this one was about. We saw Octomom's terrible acting and decided life was too short. -/10

A Girl Like Her

Mockumentary, Drama. A documentary crew unravels the events and consequences of high school bullying. Watching this, I kept having to remind myself it wasn't real. Very hard to watch, but very, very well done. Bullying, attempted suicide. 10/10

Alien Outpost

Mockumentary, Aliens/UFO. Boring, couldn't finish it. -/10

American Zombie

Mockumentary about zombies reintegrating into society. Really interesting, but a bit difficult to watch for varying reasons. Sort of a precursor to the BBC series "In The Flesh", which is a much better take on the story. 7/10

Apollo 18

Sci-fi, horror. LOL. That's it. LOL. You can guess what it's about from the title. 6/10

Asylum: The Lost Footage

The sound quality was so bad on this, I couldn't finish it. The dialogue was inaudible and the sound garbage was so high-pitched, it hurt my ears. It sucked, because there were three lead POCs, and I really would have liked to finish it. 1/10

Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes

Creature horror. Lots of carnage, just an enjoyable junk food sort of watch. Low-budget but decent acting. I liked it. Discussion of animal death, but not seen. (Dog) 7/10

Black Eyed Children: Let Me In

Mockumentary, Horror, Urban Legend. I would absolutely not recommend this to anyone except people who live in Fairfax County, Virginia. Hilarious, somewhat creepy in the way all urban legends are, but the filmmaker probably spent more on his morning McDonalds run than on the movie. 1/10

The Blair Witch Project

Lost in the Woods formula. Enjoyable for its nostalgic value. Acting is decent, can be annoying at times. Not much in the way of an ending, but still really fun. Has some good rewatch value. 8/10

The Blair Witch: Book of Shadows

Soft horror, supernatural. Not entirely found footage, but worth a watch if you liked the first one simply because of the additional information. Great for 'shitty but enjoyable' movie fans. Nudity, mild violence, miscarriage. 5/10

The Bucks County Massacre

Thirty minutes of watching people party with nothing else happening and I called it quits. -/10

Chasing the Devil

Supernatural Horror. A girl's death prompts her brother to hire a paranormal investigation team. This film was associated with a production company called Gravitas, which my roommate and I steadfastly avoid unless we're truly hard up for anything better to watch because they invariably produce shitty movies - and that's saying something on a list of found footage films. However, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and "Gravy Ass" (as we call it, or 'the napkin company') produced something watchable. Chasing the Devil wasn't bad. It wasn't good, but the acting was decent, the gore was explosively violent and shocking, and the plot was interesting enough to keep us engaged. Ultimately: forgettable but not unforgivable. Gore, eye squick, more gore. 4/10


Creature horror. Meh. Lots of shaky cam in this one. 5/10


Serial killer, horror. I couldn't finish this one. It was too much like watching the movie version of a creepypasta crossed with Jim Carrey's Cable Guy, and I chickened out. It looks good, from what I saw, and it has really high ratings from people who finished it, but it's definitely not up my alley. -/10

The Crying Dead

Supernatural horror. Locked in an Asylum formula. Pretty mediocre movie with a decent cast and good concept. For as much of a budget as this one appeared to have, I expected better. 5/10

Dark Vision

Mockumentary, supernatural horror. Sort of the BBC's answer to SyFy movies. Low-budget and silly, with some comedic moments. Terrible SFX and acting, but not bad enough to stop watching. 4/10

Devil's Pass

Horror, sci-fi. Pretty good. A group gets trapped up in the mountains while investigating the death of some skiers. English and Subtitled. Warning for body horror. 7/10

Diary of the Dead

George Romero's take on the genre. It's an intersection of things I love: found footage and the "Of the Dead" movies. 7/10

District 9

Mockumentary, Sci-fi, UFO/Aliens. Pretty good movie by the same guy who made Chappie and Elysium. 8/10


Horror, Crime Thriller. A criminologist analyzes the footage of a tour group being murdered at an abandoned truck stop. So my reaction to the ending of this one was HOLY SHIT THAT WAS SO GOOD. It's been a while since I got "got" by a movie; I thought I had it figured out about halfway through and was just so pleasantly surprised. I think this one even goes on my re-watch list. Lots of soft gore; not too bad, though. 9/10

Evil Things

Horror. Five friends vanish while on a weekend getaway. While the characters weren't annoying and the acting wasn't bad, the story fell pretty flat. It wasn't scary, and was honestly pretty predictable. 3/10

Grave Encounters

Supernatural horror, haunted asylum formula. Pretty good movie, good SFX, nice payoff. Had some graphic animal death. (Rat). Warnings for medical and body horror. 7/10

Greystone Park

Supernatural horror, follows the "young adults in a haunted asylum" formula. Really slow start, not much of a payoff. 2/10

Happy Camp

Mockumentary, horror. Pretty low-budget monster movie. It wasn't unwatchable, but definitely not a great movie. Its claims to fame are that it was produced by Drew Barrymore, and that it was filmed on location in Happy Camp, CA. So. At least two people agreed this movie was a good idea. SFX are horrible in the most hilarious way. 2/10

Hollows Grove

Supernatural horror, mockumentary. Pokes fun at the ghost hunting TV show trope, following the Haunted Asylum formula. This one gave me a legit jump scare moment, but otherwise it was, to quote a friend, so fucking "narmy". Warning for animal death (cat). 6/10

The Houses October Built
Horror. A group of friends goes out in search of the ultimate haunted house. Pretty decent horror movie, had some good scares and a novel plot. The acting was pretty good in this one. Left me feeling creeped out. Overall a solid movie. 8/10


Supernatural horror. To quote myself right before I stopped watching: "This movie blows." I didn't enjoy it, didn't connect with any of the characters, and didn't finish it. -/10

Inner Demons

Supernatural horror, mockumentary. A camera crew for a drug intervention TV show finds a case of demonic possession. Pretty good movie, coherent plot, good acting, non-formulaic, twist ending. Warnings for graphic depictions of drug abuse and violent on-screen deaths. 7/10

The Last Broadcast

Mockumentary, horror. It's worth watching this one just because it's one of the first mockumentaries to hit the mainstream. However, it's really long and disjointed and the story isn't great. 3/10

The Last Exorcism

Supernatural horror, possession. Possessed Teen formula, pretty decent movie. You have to pay attention to a lot of the details during the movie to really get the full impact of the payoff. Warning for violent and graphic animal death. (Cat) 8/10

Marble Hornets

Slenderman. If you have a lot of time on your hands, definitely give it a watch. I'm not up to date on it but I definitely recommend it. 8/10

The Mirror

Supernatural horror. Three flatmates buy a haunted mirror in the hopes of winning a paranormal contest and slowly everything goes to shit. Really enjoyable movie; near to the end things get really horrific. Definitely a scary one! Trigger warning for severe eye injuries. 8/10

Mr. Jones

Horror, Supernatural. Hipsters move out to the mountains and stop taking their meds, apparently. ????????? It wasn't bad, but I shouldn't be left staring at the credits going, "What just happened?" 4/10


Horror, Mockumentary. A promising start gave way to 45 minutes of heavy breathing and shouts of "WHO'S THERE?!" Australia, you shame us. 3/10


Could not finish. -/10

The Ouija Experiment

Supernatural Horror. This is one of those movies where you start hoping everyone dies, and soon, so it will be all over and you don't have to watch it anymore. Warning for shitty acting and insufferable people. 0/10

Paranormal Activity

Supernatural horror. Cameras in the House formula. This one originated most of the mainstream Cameras in the House movies, and it did it the best, in my opinion. All the supernatural SFX are really subtle, sort of like watching Ghost Hunters or similar shows. It's a fun one. 9/10

The Rohl Farms Haunting

Mockumentary, Found footage, horror. I wouldn't consider this supernatural or paranormal horror. It wasn't very good, but it wasn't a bad movie; it was watchable enough that I finished it. It had some creepy moments after a slow start. 3/10


Horror, virus. A news reporter becomes trapped in a building under quarantine. It's been a while since I saw this one, but I seem to recall it freaked me out quite a lot. Pretty good payoff. 8/10

The Quiet Ones

Horror, mockumentary. This one was just okay. I can't remember much about it, which means I didn't find it particularly frightening. 5/10


Zombies, Mockumentary. A reality show called "Re-Kill" follows a special military group into a restricted zone. This one was actually really good. I love zombie movies, but after a while they get sort of formulaic. Re-Kill was more post-outbreak, showing society after the zombies have been contained, sort of like "Fido", "Land of the Dead", or the ending of "Shaun of the Dead", but, while satirical, non-comedic. I wouldn't consider it "found footage", but other databases do, so I'm including it on my list.
Warning: None
Rating: 8/10

The Sacrament

Mockumentary, cult, horror. Three reporters enter a cult compound in search of their colleague's sister. Based loosely on the events of Jonestown. Not really what I was expecting coming from Eli Roth, but it was a pretty riveting movie. Acting was good, not too much shaky cam, had a bit of soundtrack to it which was a nice change.
Warnings: None
Rating: 7/10

Shallow Creek Cult

Found Footage, horror. Two brothers are caught up in a nightmare situation after stumbling on cannibals in the woods. First off, let me be clear: this was the most low budget of low budgets. The "monsters" were literally Halloween Spirit Store costumes. However, they made it work. The acting was believable, and the movie was engaging. I would have paid to see this in theaters, had it been a Hollywood production. Also, the two male leads were black and survived the movie, so they managed to overcome the horror movie trope:
a. there may only be one person of color and
b. they are the first to die.
Warnings: infant death
Rating: 6/10


Mockumentary, found footage, horror. Four amateur filmmakers attempt to create a documentary about the disappearance of two boys. The movie was pretty solid and even elicited a scream out of me thanks to one of the jumpscares. This was a good one for the Found Footage Drinking Game; by the end of it, my roommate and I were laughing and shouting "Oh shit, nope!" and "MEEEEEEE" in response to the events unfolding and character reactions. Very fun.
Warnings: None
Rating: 7/10 if you're drunk, 6/10 if you aren't.


Uninteresting, turned it off after 30 minutes.
Rating: -/10

The St. Francisville Experiment

Horror, mockumentary, supernatural/paranormal. Four young adults in a haunted house trope. This one really snuck up on me; the character of Madison was annoying enough that I wanted to stop about halfway through, but I decided to keep watching for the hell of it, thinking maybe she'd bite it, and found that the second half was much more enjoyable. It got in some pretty good jump scares and then wrapped up the end with a decent payoff. Scary in a carnival haunted house kind of way.
Rating: 5/10

The Taking of Deborah Logan

Supernatural horror, possession. Mockumentary about Alzheimer's. This one really goes off the rails towards the end, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Still gives me the heebie jeebies when I think about it.
Warning: nudity and body horror (senility)
Rating: 9/10

To Jennifer

Like "Creep", I was uncomfortable and couldn't watch this for personal reasons.
Rating: -/10


Foreign, creature/myth film, adventure. I wouldn't consider this "horror" in any way. It's more along the lines of Jurassic Park as far as scary moments go. Really fun watch; good acting, really good SFX, perfectly paced plot. One of my favorites. Subtitled. Warning: Animal death. (Goats)
Rating: 10/10


Honestly, I have no idea what this movie is about because after twenty minutes, nothing had happened. My roommate and I are convinced that it's just a vacation video edited and shilled as a horror movie.
Rating: -/10, probably a flat 0.


Belgian mockumentary about a family of vampires. Comedy with some horror. I really enjoyed this one. Subtitled.
Rating: 9/10

The Visit

Mockumentary, horror. I knew there would be a twist going into this one because Shymalan can't make movies without them - what I did not know was that it would leave me with a frozen expression of horror for the remaining 15-20 minutes of the movie. Holy shit, he has rebounded from Devil and Avatar: TLA.
Warnings: Feces, body horror, senility
Rating: 8/10

What We Do in the Shadows

Comedy, supernatural. Documentary about vampiric roommates. Hilarious, really worth the watch.
Update: I keep rewatching this movie and every time I love it even more. Quotable as hell.
Rating: 10/10


To Watch:

The Atticus Institute
Extinction: Jurassic Predators
The Dinosaur Project
The Tunnel
Lake Mungo
Frankenstein Theory

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