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The Plus-Size Clothing List

Top Recs:

Torrid and their sister company, Hot Topic for Retro and On-Trend clothing.

ModCloth - The very best place to find retro or hipster clothing.

eShakti - Offers dresses, tops, and skirts in sizes up to 5 or 6x, as well as tailoring for $8.

Now, for the rest of my list:

Retro / Rockabilly:

Sweet Echo - A variety of rockabilly / retro styles from brands like Sourpuss and Hell Bunny. They're slowly moving towards selling typical sizes, I've found, and haven't really kept up a good stock of plus sizes.

Lindy Bop - Assorted vintage-style clothing up to size 26 UK.

Cats Like Us - Retro clothing with a small collection of plus sized tops, skirts, dresses, and accessories. I can vouch for the cinch belts! They fit perfectly.

Lace Affair - Some retro clothing up to size 3X.

Le Bomb Shop - Retro dresses for ~$40, as well as some outerwear. I bought one of their peacoats and love it.

Unique Vintage - Has a selection of plus-sized, vintage-style dresses and swimsuits.

Lady V London - GORGEOUS retro dresses.

Jessica Louise - Miss Torrid's old style? Try this one!

Re/Dress - Vintage and Modern plus-sized clothing.

Pinup Girl Clothing - Vintage and retro styles, with lots of larger shoes and retro accessories!


Undersummers - They sell plus-sized undergarment shorts and camisoles. This is important if you experience chub rub!

Curvy Girl, Inc

Forever Yours Lingerie

Corset Story - Not exclusively plus, but sells a decent selection as well as steampunk and rockabilly stuff.

Hips and Curves

Full Beauty

Misc. Clothing / On-Trend / Whatever

Avenue - Mature styles but fairly trendy. Prices vary.

Nordstrom - Recommended by plurkers for bras, as well as a large plus selection!

Lane Bryant - 'Nuff said.

Catherine's - A Lane Bryant company. Moderate to high prices.

Maurice's - Another Charming Shoppes / Lane Bryant company, but with younger styles. The pricing is similar to LB.

Ashley Stewart - Another prominent name in the plus-sized industry.

Evans - A UK store that sells US sizes 10-28.

Roaman's - More mature clothing, but generally on-trend.

Wet Seal Plus - Inexpensive, but not a lot of selection these days.

ASOS Curve - Cute clothes, but their site's filtering options give me a headache.

Love Culture - I don't know much about this one, admittedly.

Yours Clothing - On-Trend, UK site.

Rainbow Shops - Good for not-so-basic basics.

G-Stage Love - On-Trend, average pricing.

Forever 21 + - On-Trend, Juniors, Basics, awesome deals.

Fashion to Figure - Sort of Lane Bryant-y, but with better prices.

Deb Shops - On-Trend, Juniors, very inexpensive to average pricing.

Addition Elle - Average pricing (for plus-sized clothing.)

Pink Clove - More on-trend stuff, higher pricing, UK sizes.

Woman Within - Mature-style clothing, less costly than LB.

Strut Curvaceous Fashion - Not really sure about this one, as I've not shopped with them yet.

City Chic - Comparable to what Torrid sells now. Similar pricing.

Simply Be - Another on-trend shop, average pricing.

SWAK Designs - On-Trend, decent prices, kind of cute clothes.

17 Sundays - Describes itself as "Boutique Plus Sized Fashion".

IGIGI - On-Trend, kinda pricey.

MYNT 1792 - Adorable and/or unique clothes you can't afford.

Eloquii - Trendy, with some super cute dresses, but somewhat pricey. - I don't know much about this one.

Full Beauty - Formerly One Stop Plus. Has a collection of clothing from various brands like Torrid, Jessica London, Ashley Stewart, etc.

Other Plus-Sized Clothing Link Lists:

Kakugori's Master List on Tumblr.

Xyako's List of Bra Shops on Tumblr.

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