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Emergency Gift List

The List of Gifts to Give People (When You Don't Know What to Give Them)

Origami Owl Lockets
For: Moms, Brides, Bridesmaids, Sentimental People, People who like scrapbooking
Cost: $

World Market
For: People who like "exotic" things, people who like Japanese snacks, friends who have their own houses, "quirky" people, people who like beer
Good for gift baskets.
Cost: $-$$$

Wondermade (Marshmallows)
For: People who like marshmallows and cannot make marshmallows
Cost: $-$$

For: People who like chocolate (ie - not zombies)
Cost: $-$$

For: Mother's Day, Moms, Pregnant women, people who have more than one set of pajamas
Cost: $$-$$$

Old Time Candy
For: Anyone who likes candy ?? Basically, humans and some dogs.
Cost: $$

Shari's Berries
For: People not allergic to strawberries
Cost: $-$$$

Vermont Teddy Bear Co
For: People who still have cartoons on their under-roos, adults who like teddy bears
Cost: $-Jesus Fuck

Pampered Chef
For: Cooks, Homebodies, People who already have too much cookware, people who are easily impressed with cookware
Cost: $$

"Unique" Gifts
For: Last-minute panic for "quirky" friends, dudes, gag gifts
Cost: $-$$$

DIY Homemade Cookies (in a mason jar)
For: When all else fails
Cost: $-$$

Dancing Deer Baking Co
For: Inability to bake
Cost: $-$$

Ticket Stub Diary
For: People who leave their homes occasionally
Cost: $

Scratch Map
For: Travelers, Military
Cost: $

Teavana Tea Gifts
For: Tea-drinkers
Cost: $-$$

Teavana Tea of the Month Club Membership
For: Tea-drinkers you really like
Cost: $$$

Books That Work for Anyone:

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