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Evie ([personal profile] redrover) wrote2014-07-20 04:38 pm

I got in a shouting match today.

I'm going to try and write this all out here while it's still fresh in my mind, because there's a lot to it.

Okay, so basically I've been pushing for my archery club to start offering lessons. I was trying to go through certain channels for a long time to get a coaching certification, and the only guy in the area who could offer it (hereafter known as Pete) always sort of brushed me off. So, I finally went and got certified in Harrisonburg, which is about two or three hours away.

Following that, I told Pete I was going to start setting up classes with the club, and I needed help with a curriculum. He said 'okay', and I asked for it by the end of April. It's now July and he still hasn't tried to help me.

Okay, so. Pete's not necessary or essential to running classes, even if he is an experienced coach. I had another club officer to help. So, I try to get classes set up. Only, no coaches will volunteer their time until I start offering to pay them. So, for two months I've been having the club vote on paying coaches.

I finally get the coaches I need and the classes set up, and had the first two today. As I walk in to talk to one of the coaches, Pete comes in behind me and interrupts my conversation to start shouting at me, telling me I can't charge for classes, I can't pay coaches, it's against club rules, the club needs to vote on it, etc etc etc. Now, he hasn't been coming to club meetings, so the other coach pulls up the minutes and I finally have enough of him shouting at me and tell him, "I'm not just pulling this shit out of my ass, Pete."

"Don't swear at me, lady."

I had a sudden AW FUCK NO moment because I do not need to be "put in my place" like that. So I snap back, "Don't call me lady," and he goes dead quiet.

Meanwhile, the other coach has the minutes that show where we voted on this stuff, and yes, I'm in the right. So Pete says nothing else about it.

Apparently, Pete called the club president to be a tattletits and told him (as he later recounted to me) that he was going to bring a lawyer to the club meetings, and he was involving the commerce board (????), and if so-and-so became club president, he was going to report him to the authorities for unethical behavior, and if I ever swore at him again, he was going to hit me.

I started laughing and said he could sure fucking try.

The club president then told me I shouldn't have had the lessons on a tournament day, which is fair (I didn't realize I'd scheduled them on a tournament day, unfortunately) and to ignore Pete because Pete's all bluster and needs to be medicated.

Anyway, the long and short is I pissed off an old man by swearing at him and standing my ground on an issue when I was in the right. And I gave not a single fuck about it.